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This applies to Windows 10x64 Pro Version 21H2 (OS Build 19004.1561), Windows 11x64 Pro Version 21H2 (OS Build 22000.526, and MS Edge Chromium V 98.0.1108.50 (Default and only browser on systems), WWL V7.2.261 and many previous versions.

In Settings>Maps, when clicking on Map Browser, a blank window opens but never fills out. The “working spinner” just sets there and spins. I can open any of the maps in the list below Map Browser.

Is this because Internet Explorer is no long available.?

No. Weather Watcher does not use web browsers installed on your computer.

Do you have any maps checked in this list that aren’t loading when you select them? If so, try unchecking them.

I deselected everything in the “Add More Maps”, restarted WWL, and the Map Browser sits there and spins. The same results occur on my Windows 11x64 Pro systems as well.

Please attach this file or post the contents here.

Here is the file (130 Bytes)

Update: The Map Browser is now working fine. I did not have any maps check marked in “Add more Maps”. I check marked 3 maps and the Map Browser now works. Here is the FavoriteMaps.ww: (356 Bytes)

It looks like that was the issue then. You must have at least one map in your list that is no longer valid.

Suggestion: Have the Map Browser issue a message “No Maps Selected” and stop it from searching.

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