Main window won't open when there is an alert

Version 5.6.53 with Windows Vista Premium.
When I right click or left click on the tray icon, the severe alert window opens.
I cannot get the main weather forecast window to open. This has happened a few times before. The only way I can open the main window is to launch WeatherWatcher from the Start menu. I get no error messages.

Does the same thing happen if you restart Weather Watcher Live?

I’m not running Weather Watcher Live. But I will try to relaunch Weather Watcher the next time there is an alert.

In that case, I’ll move your thread to the Weather Watcher forum.

What are the Tray Icon Options click settings set to?

Does the main window open if you click the icon after the Alert window is displayed?

Tray Icon Options click settings are:
Left single-click action: No Action
Left double-click action: Open Weather Watcher

Does the main window open if you click the icon after the Alert window is displayed? No


Try changing the Left single-click action: No Action to Open Weather Watcher Options. Not implying that this will fix the problem rather looking to see it’s effect on the problem.

To quicken the testing there is a TWC webpage that shows all the alerts in the US, if you add the location of an area with an alert to WW you don’t have to wait till your location gets one.

I found a tornado watch in Pierre, SD and set that location in WW. Unfortunately, I can’t reproduce the problem. The tray icon acts like it is supposed to, and I have not made any changed to WW options. If the problem crops up again, I will alter the Left single-click action as you suggested. Actually, I will first quit and then restart WW to see if that takes care of it. Since I turn my computer off at night, WW restarted this morning and that might have cured the problem.

I did notice one odd thing when I was having the problem. The Alert window contained 2 tabs, one was “The National”, but I don’t remember what the other tab’s name was. I think there was an alert for flooding as well as an alert for thunderstorms. Maybe 2 tabs is normal, but I usually have just the one tab in Alert windows, “The National”, and that is what I am seeing now with the Pierre tornado watch alert active.

Thanks for your help.

Well, there’s the solution, you have to move to Pierre, SD then WW will work fine. :lol:

The number of alert tabs varies based on the number of outstanding alerts. Usually I have one, once in a while two, but this year I’ve seen up to 5 tabs.

Move to SD? Now, there’s a suggestion I hadn’t thought of. #-o
They must get more snow than here in the Finger Lakes, and I do love a good snowstorm. =P~
Thanks for clueing me in on tabs.