Lots of weather icons

http://www.samurize.com/modules/ipboard … topic=3857

There’s some sites listed here too:

http://www.singerscreations.com/forum/v … .php?t=694 :wink:

Not sure how many of the links there are still up though.

Wow!! Check out this page.

http://www.marsware.net/WeatherPanel/skins.htm. :thumbright: :icon_smile:

They appear to be compatible with the weather.com standard. Click on an icon group to see a page of all the icons in a set. Not sure what the .exe download does.

It installs the icons on your Pocket PC device.

Very nice find :thumbright:

Thanks. :icon_smile: And if one doesn’t have Pocket PC what does it do? :-s

Fortunately WeatherX1 should be all I need.

It probably will bark at you if you don’t have ActiveSync installed. Really though… I don’t know what will happen :???:

Yup, that is exactly what happened. :sad:

WeatherX1 works but the resulting view shows several icons missing like the - and 44. I don’t remember the other 2.

u can have weather icons from this link…check it out