Lost my temperature in the system tray

I am at 7.0.41 and sometime in the last one or two updates the temp is no longer there. I tried different fonts colors etc but I just have a space where the temp should be. Picture attached.

Which Prescott, AZ weather station are you using?

Well that’s interesting, It is the Miller Valley School, and it is back today. I know it has been gone for a week or two or more and is back today with the fonts I chose.
We’ll see what happens and I’ll change it to another site. How does one find where a site is that has a strange name like a Ham Radio operator or CWS8939 Tokoroa?

Do you mean the physical location of the weather station? If so, you can see it on the map when searching for weather stations in Weather Watcher Live. You can zoom in on the map to get a closer view of the location.

Thanks. I have one license to give away yet with my lifetime subscription.
Love it.
Carver Smith