Long Live Mike Singer!

for years i have found this app WW to be the cat’s meow when it came to getting info and not having your PC crash or better yet not getting sluggo spyware to boot…

now this man doesn’t ask for much and i believe he’s been fair in writing the best code money cant buy.

and for that he deserves a big thumbs up! :thumbright:

thanks Mike! your work is worth all the fuss that little geekster from tech TV put into letting the whole world know you exist!

my hats off to ya

ps folks did you see the paypal button ??? press it donate etc…



To be perfectly honest, no! And I just went looking for it.

It might get more activity if it was more prominent. :icon_smile:

I haven’t looked for it lately either. I agree. It kind “hides” where it is, at the bottom of the column on the left. Mike should make it a bit more visible. Perhaps accompanied by a message such as “Please help to keep this great software free!”

Maybe you’re looking too hard. It’s also looking at you when you open the Weather Watcher system tray menu :cool:

I don’t think many software products exist on donations only. That said, I could make it flash, hop, bounce… probably wouldn’t make much of a difference.

Maybe because I’m looking for a PayPal button not a Donate menu item or a Support option. :???: Good grief!! :roll:

I suggest a PayPal icon on each product’s webpage, the home page, the download page and the forums page with Hunz’s wording.