"Lock Magnet Position" just does not work on multi monitors

This is on Windows 8.1.1 x64 Professional, WWL V7.2.30, DisplayFusion V7.0.0.B11. A Nvidia GeForce 750 Titan graphics card with the latest Nvidia drivers run three monitors located as 2-1-3 with monitor 1 being the main monitor. Monitor 2 is positioned as portrait; monitors 1 & 3 are landscape.

I have 3 magnets that I have positioned on monitor 2. These three magnets do not hold position even with “Lock Magnet Position” selected on all 3 magnets. If I uncheck the “Lock Magnet Position”, the magnets wander the same as if checked. I have tried this on all three monitors and the magnets change position on each startup of WWL. Pic “MagnetsPosition1” shows a starting position of the gadgets; pic “MagnetsPosition2” shows the position on a restart of ww.exe.

I also have 8GadgetPack installed so that I can use Windows 7 style gadgets on Windows 8.1.1 via a modified version of Windows Sidebar. On monitors 1 and 3 I have a total of 7 gadgets implemented. These gadgets hold rock solid on their position no matter where I move them to. So it does seem position to lock items in a specific position on multiple monitors on system and/or program startup




Re: “Lock Magnet Position” just does not work on multi monit

This feature does not work properly on a desktop that is not completely rectangular. I’m pretty sure it has always been this way. I’ll have to look into it to see if it can be resolved.

Re: “Lock Magnet Position” just does not work on multi monit

Not too many rectangular flat panel displays on the market nowadays :???:

Re: “Lock Magnet Position” just does not work on multi monit

Interesting. Are they round and square then?

I was referring to the shape of the desktop. Weather Watcher is expecting it to be completely rectangular. Your desktop is not rectangular due to your monitor configuration.

Re: “Lock Magnet Position” just does not work on multi monit

dumb comment on my part. :oops: I was thinking/meaning there are not too many square FPD’s…and I’m an engineer :-s Age is playing tricks with my thinker. :???: