Local weather staion gone

When I initially opened Weather Watcher the weather station that was displayed was my local station at the Kings Bay Naval Station, ST. Marys, Ga. Once I had the option to “add” stations, that station disappeared. Now it cannot be located when I put in my zip code, 31558. I tried searching its code,its name, zip etc., no luck. The station exists its code is:
ICAO Location Indicator: KNBQ
Station Name: Kings Bay, Naval Station
State: GA

I would like to get this as my default weather station, can you help?
Many thanks…TP

WeatherBug.com and WeatherUnderground.com (sources for Weather Watcher Live) do not display weather stations that are currently unavailable. That seems to be the case for the KNBQ weather station. When this station comes back online, it’ll be available within Weather Watcher Live (as long as they are submitting data to WeatherBug or Weather Underground).

If you search for “KNBQ weather” at http://www.google.com, you’ll find a few websites that show that weather station is not reporting data.

Thank you for that timely info, I’ll check with the station from time to time.