Local Town Not in New version

I live in Australia and with previous version of Weather Watcher I could get weather details for a town called Nambour which is about 50km from where I live.

With Weather Watcher Live when I search for ‘Nambour Australia’ I am offered Brisbane Airport which is 150km away.

Why can I no longer get forecast for Nambour Australia?

Same here in the Netherlands used to have Arnhem/Dieren where I live now Airforce base Deelen :roll:

Weather Watcher Live uses a different data source, so the available locations are not going to be the same. All three of the above cities should be available though – since they are available at CustomWeather.com. I’ll check with WeatherBug and get back to you.


I am in Newcastle NSW Australia and since I have updated the program I cannot get current weather conditions anymore. Please help!

The stations that are listed when searching are the closest available stations to the selected city. More stations will be added to Weather Watcher Live over time, but this is what is currently available.

BTW, I’m not sure where weather.com (the source for Weather Watcher) is getting their data for Nambour. It seems that they are somehow calculating it, rather than pulling it from an actual weather station at that site.