local storage problem/question..??

I’ve noticed this on my brothers computer, and its become a huge problem for him… Though I’m guessing that this is a Microsoft problem, not Weather Watcher.

He has Windows XP, and while doing a virusscan on his computer, it took almost two hours to finish scanning a folder that I didn’t know existed [C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5, if you were wondering.] For some reason, temporary internet files are stored on his computer in the above folder AND in C:\Windows\Temporary Internet Files (or similar. don’t remember this exact location). I searched inside the folders of the first location and found close to a hundred cached files of weather watcher zipcodes in many of these folders.

Again, this probably is a problem with XP, not the program, but this brought me up to wondering: when Weather Watcher displays what it has downloaded from weather.com, is it written and overwritten each time, or does it create separate files?

FYI: not all of the files located in this folder were from weather watcher; though i wouldn’t be surprised if it held about 200 files from ww.

on a side note: 9 GB of temporary internet files in this folder is damn hard to delete!!! i had to go into safe mode to delete all of these :frowning:

C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\

first off the above field is the default windows xp folder for temp internet files. the reason you may not know it existed is because this is a hidden folder so unless you got show all folders checked off in explorer settings you wont ever see it.

the second field you have c:\windows\temporary internet files is NOT a windows xp folder for temp internet files but another program and not weather watcher either.

as for 9 gigs of temp files check your bro’s IE settings by clicking on Tools then Internet Options, then in middle of screen in the Temp Internet Files section click on Settings, and make sure the hard drive space its taking is set to no more than 100 megs as that is MORE than sufficient for web browsing.

Also check his add/remove programs list and start menu Programs list for programs that monitor internet usage for so called security that could be over-riding windows xp temp internet cache and making its own.

I have never seen weather watcher store files so either its another program hogging them all for “faster” browsing which is crap or some other settings.

Hope this was of some assistance to you,


thank ya much! i’ll tell him that! :slight_smile:

no problems. weather watcher rulz I try to help when I can. :slight_smile:


just looked in the windows xp folder… there is a temporary internet files folder there in the temp folder (C:\windows\temp\temporary internet files), but it does not store any files in this directory.

thats the location i saw, but didn’t look any farther into the folder to see what is actually in it. my mistake :slight_smile:

thanks again though! that saves 9 GB of files [:D]

well to see what folder xp is really using you can right click on my computer and choose properties. Then click on the Advanced tab then at the bottom left click on Environment Variables. the top box tells you where TEMP and TMP files are located on the drive. my recommendation is to point it to c:\windows\temp for both. that way thats the only folder used.


and yeah 9 gigs is a nice recovery lol

Actually those paths are not used by Internet Explorer.

To see and/or change the path used, open I.E. and go to tools, then Internet options, then you will see in the middle (temporary internet files) and a settings button. click that and it will show another window listing the current users storage area and allowing you to alter it, and/or view it’s contents

The TMP and TEMP folders are used by windows for other temporary storage like program installations for extracting files etc…

My storage is default and located at:

C:\Documents and Settings\Mark\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files

i was talking about the windows temp folder not IE temp folder. he said he had 9 gigs of temp files.


At the end of his first post he says:

on a side note: 9 GB of temporary internet files in this folder is damn hard to delete!!! i had to go into safe mode to delete all of these :frowning:

I assumed since Weather Watcher uses the I.E. engine to display the maps and prolly to get the weather information that it would in turn be storing many “cache” files in the standard Internet Explorer folder…

as a side note, c:\windows\Temporary Internet Files was a standard location in Win95-98-Me so if his brother upgraded to WinXp he might have had old cache files in the old location even though XP uses a different path per user.