Loading Update Time


Do you know why wwl takes like 20 seconds to update the weather?
Classic WW would load updates in like 3 seconds.

The current version is downloading more data from various URLs. It’ll definitely take longer than the old free versions of Weather Watcher, but it shouldn’t take 20 seconds. I normally see updates take about 3-8 seconds on a modern Internet connection (e.g. not dial-up).

I have seen updates take longer when the data feeds were slow to respond. Unfortunately, that’s out of my control since the data comes from WeatherBug and Weather Underground. You’ll also see longer updates if you’re using extra features like the wallpaper or desktop magnets.

I’m guessing most people let Weather Watcher run and update in the background. If you do that, it should already have the updated data ready for you when you go to access Weather Watcher from the system tray. That would probably be the best route to take if your updates are consistently taking 20 seconds to complete.

Thanks for the info, Mike.
I have a at&t connection with an F- rating. Top speed is 215k/s. That’s part of it I guess.