list with the names of the cities?

is it possible that WW has a list of the cities names instead to write and search them, because is it very difficult if you dont know how exactely has the name to be written?

Weather Watcher gets all of it’s data from For nearby cities this webpage may help:

For a more global view scroll to the bottom of this webpage:


but is it not possible to have it in WW?

Oh, ok, now I think I know what you mean. Yes, that would be a good idea.

cska133, while it would be possible to do such a thing, I’m not sure it would be very practical. For starters, the list would have to be constantly maintained.

yes, I think it will be practical. It is not practical to suggest and search how the name of the city is written, instead just to find it in the list

For starters, the list would have to be constantly maintained

what do you mean with this?

If the list of cities was manually created it could become awkward to maintain. Especially for countries with hundreds of weather stations.

However, if the list was dynamic, like when one specifies a city like Berlin, and WW returns a list of a dozen sites to choose from. If that function could be expanded to allow someone to specify a country or a state that would be helpful. Possible??


Of course if the country has many sites you may need to add a requirement for the 1st letter of a city like the list above.

If it’s not possible to do dynamically then having a manual list that could be maintained programatically might be an option.

I think you mean the same like: for Ex. I search city in Thailand, so I specify Thailand and then type letter B and search and get all cities in Thailand with B… so I dont have to know the exactly name. That is also OK.

Yes. Rather than keying in Bangkok keying in B*, Thailand could produce the list.

Bangkok weather. A hot day there today. :iconbiggrin:

However, while indicates that it is possible, “For all cities in a country, simply type the name of the country (France).”, on their World Weather page, it doesn’t work when I enter France or Mexico or Thailand.

Rather than keying in Bangkok keying in B*, Thailand could product the list.

Im not good in English, could you explain this again :cry:

Apparently I don’t write or spell very good English either. :sad:

To get a list of cities within a country one would key in the first letter of the city followed by an asterisk then the name of the country. “B*, Thailand” for example.

The asterisk would indicate to WW that the name is not a specific city but rather a group of cities begining with the preceeding letter.


aa ok

but what is if I write only B* without the country behind? Will I get all the cities in the world with B?

Hopefully WW would return an error msg; Country not specified. It might take forever for WW to return all the cities in the world begining with a particular letter.

Another error msg would be needed for misspelled countries, something like: No such country or Country not found.

If someone inputs more than the first letter of a city, ie Bang*, I think WW should disregard all but the first letter. Would get into too much programming I would think, but if not then refine the list.

I agree with you there. The problem is that’s search only returns results if you know the exact spelling of the city.

The alternative would be for me to manually create a static list of all available cities. That list would have to be manually maintained.

The alternative would be for me to manually create a static list of all available cities. That list would have to be manually maintained.

yes, exactly!
That will be great. Of course at the beginning the very small cities in the end of the world will be corrected later, but still you dont have to type and search for every city. Actually it doesnt matter if in the list is Munich and I know it as M?nchen, …such things should know it and if not, then for that everyone can search in the Net. Fact will be , that I Munich is choosen, you will have the city you need + saving time for searching it.
Do you think that this alternative is possible for you to/the WW team do it?

I don’t think using a static list is an option. It would require too much effort on my part to keep the list up-to-date.

While I agree a list would have to be maintained I’ve got to believe that it could be maintained via a utility program, or two. A utility like wget can read the various’s city webpages and a CMD script could extract the city names and URLs and you could write something to put the list together. Once a quarter you run the things and make a updated list available to update WW.

There are a limited number of countries that TWC covers and there are 26 letters of the alphabet so the number of pages to be read while signficant is manageable. The file with the resulting list of cities will be very large so having it as a separate download/update may be a good approach.

I dont understand why this list should be updated? Please explain

cska133, if the list is static, it would have to be updated when adds new weather stations.

And how frequently does that happen?