I’m using WWL on my computer under my operational account.
When I open a session to my Administrator account WWL claims that my licence is used by another computer.
Please advise/

Your license has 5 seats. When all are in use (or you’ve entered your license key on 5 computers and/or Windows accounts on the same computer), you’ll see that prompt so you’re able to transfer a license seat if you wish to do so.

If you’re not using Weather Watcher on 5 computers and/or Windows accounts, then you should choose “Yes” when you see that prompt.

I understand the concept of the 5 seat license and I’m happy to play by the rules. I have a couple of old computers that previously had your program on it that have since gone to the place where old computers go to die. How die I decommisison them with out knocking off a current computer. Is there a database lookup of some sort?

My system will automatically decommission the oldest computer when you install Weather Watcher on a new computer. There is no need to do it manually.