Large Display - Kiosk Mode

Hi Mike,

What would you think about reformatting some of the information on the “Current Conditions” & “Daily Forecast” windows to create a “Kiosk” window? This would be used primarily by businesses who have a spare computer to leave on the weather all of the time. Although I and other weather buffs might do the same thing. I do something like this now for my coworkers by using a Win98 machine with either the local NWS radar or the WW wallpaper of Current Surface Conditions. During possible inclement weather, many of them stroll past my cube to see what is going on before they go to lunch or go home for the day.

What I have in mind is a display of part of the current conditions and “today” & “Hi/Lo” from the Daily Forecast that is large enough to be seen from 15 feet away on a 15" monitor. Like this:

Company text/logo
Current Time
Observed Date & Time
Current Temperature - Current Condition
Today’s Forecast & Hi/Lo


[b]ABC COMPANY 10:15 AM Observed: Mon 8:52 AM 31 ? Light Snow Fcst: 28/39 Snow[/b]

This information would fill the screen for easy viewing from a distance and autoupdate. This kiosk mode would be useful to visitors in hotels/motels, Internet Coffee shops, many offices where the outdoors cannot be felt or even seen. I feel that kiosk mode would be a hit!

You might even have the banner default to [b]Weather Watcher</font id=“size6”></font id=“maroon”> and offer to make it anything after the purchase of a license.

– PatrickB

I like your suggestion PatrickB.

The display should still acknowledge SingerCreations and that the weather is from but that would be at the bottom of the screen/display.

The company name would have to be in a compiled module rather than an .ini type file and possibly masked to slow the process of it being hacked. But the kiosk certainly seems doable.


Singer’s Creations should be displayed, of course. Maybe similar to “Snitz Forums” below here.

Here’s another thought along these lines …

Just superimpose the current temperature in 2-3 inch numerals over the WW wallpaper near the top right corner of the screen.

– PatrickB

PatrickB have you seen this?


Interesting. I may try it, but I am really looking for less information and larger characters.

Thanks Ed,

– PatrickB