language pack install? for beta 9

I just installed the new 5.6 beta 9. Every time I go to the Current tab, I get asked to install a Language pack. Specifically the Cyrillic languange pack.

Is there a reason the program would be asking for this?

hmmmm do you speak Cyrillic? [:p]

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Remove the following line from the top of “C:\Program Files\Weather Watcher\Skins\Forecasts\Classic\Current.wtp”:

?? I have that line in my Current.wtp but I don’t have the install a Language pack problem.

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Ed - Nope I don’t speak Cyrillic.

Mike- I deleted that line from the top of Current.wtp. I updated to beta 10. And I’m still being asked to install a language pack for cyrillic. I could just tell it to never ask me again, but it sort of defeats the point of it working properly (or the odd chance that I might want to install a language pack at a fture date).

I’m using Windows 2000 Pro SP4 if that helps.

Oh for crying out loud. Just checked it again, and it stopped doing it. Maybe deleting that line finally took hold. Oh well… Not doing it anymore! thanks!

If it comes back norminator try putting the META line back but change the “-5” at the end to “-1”. That’s what I found at … ID=1063775. [:)]

More than likely Windows was using a cached version of the file for a bit before refreshing it.

BTW The final update to W2K is out. See

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