JFI, Box.net downloads banned by some security software

Box.net is banned by such security suites as Avira Premium Security Suite because some downloads have been discovered to contain infections or adware. JFI

MajorGeeks, Download.com or GeekstoGo pass the security security for downloads.

siliconman01, yes, I am aware of this issue. It’s a shame that there are security applications out there placing a global ban on box.net. As with any file sharing website, there are no doubt some bad files being hosted there. I have 100% control over my files, so you can rest assured that they are safe to download – if you are downloading them when I have them posted there.

FileForum.com hosts most of my downloads. I sometimes have to wait a while for my downloads to be posted on their website. Whenever that happens, I can either wait until the download is posted or use my box.net site as a backup. I wish I could host my downloads on my own server – I just don’t have enough bandwidth though.