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Issue With Weather Watcher Display

This issue seemed to have just started today. Weather is not displaying any information except for temperature and alerts inside the application. The systray icon also is having some issues as well.

I tried another station and the same issue occurred.

One of the Earth Networks data feeds is not functioning this morning. I’m sure they are aware of this issue, but will follow up with them later this morning if the issue is not resolved.

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This issue has been resolved.

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EXACT same issue is going on with version 7.2.239. Today is January 13, 2021.
How long before this will be resolved? Other than an Earth Networks data feed being interrupted, what other sources could be at fault?
Weather radios in my area are offline, and I was informed by a NOAA associate that

WXM32 Atlanta, GA (frequency 162.400 MHz), originating from the
Atlanta, GA Weather Forecast Office (770) 486-1133.

Unfortunately, the broadcast is out of service.

My software is also out of service.
Please advise.

It has been resolved.

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True enough… this morning the application is indeed, working.