Issue with Weather Watcher 1.05

Every time I update weather watcher, it opens up Opera to display the weather.

Weather Watcher used to display in the application, is there any setting I need to change.


Issue with Weather Watcher


Sorry about the confusion, this is on Windows Mobile, you s/w version 1.0.5.


Dave, my mistake…

I installed Opera Mobile and set it as my default web browser. Then, I opened Weather Watcher Mobile and updated the weather. I didn’t see Opera open at any point.

Did you try reinstalling Opera Mobile and/or Weather Watcher Mobile?

Opera Issue with Pocket PC

I tried uninstalling both weather watcher and Opera, installing Weather watcher first, then Opera , same issue, looks like it wants html as presentation, not the weather watcher app itself.

How can I not need Opera to present Weather watcher.


Re: Opera Issue with Pocket PC

Good question. I don’t have a good answer since I was not able to reproduce that issue.

What happens if you run Weather Watcher Mobile without Opera installed? Do you have any idea what you changed right before Weather Watcher Mobile started acting this way?

Issue with Weather Watcher and Opera

It is looking for html page and will not display weather


Weather Watcher Mobile uses an embedded IE control to display the weather information. It seems you might have an issue with IE. Does IE run okay?

I’m seeing the same problem, after a bout with Opera 9.5 beta. I think what is happening is that the old weather data is no longer there, but WWM still thinks it should be there, so it keeps looping, telling PIE to display an HTML file that isn’t there any more.

I’m going to try to completely uninstall WWM and then install to see if it fixes the prob…

As far as WWM, I would suggest that, if possible WWM hardcode which HTML engine it wants to use (i.e. PIE), rather than relying upon the default being PIE, because there are many new browsers coming to WM that try to displace PIE as the default HTML renderer and browser.

I don’t think there is a way to specifiy which browser to use – I’ll have to look around and see if there is any information on that topic. For now, I can tell you that Weather Watcher Mobile will only function properly if PIE is set as the default web browser.