Is Weather Watcher Vista compatible?

Is it compatible with Windows Vista 32bit?

I haven’t tried it myself, but I heard that it works.

Finished installing my fresh copy of Vista business yesterday and updated everything. Had to get Singer’s weather on my Vista or it wouldn’t be a complete install. Drum roll please… No problems at all Mike. Running smooth on udates and reboot.

PS… Notice how frickn’ COLD it is here. Help!

:iconbiggrin: As a matter of fact that’s exactly what I was looking at in the picture and thinking Holy Cow!!. :lol:

The Feels Like numbers are brutal. Unfortunately we are going to be getting the same numbers starting this weekend. The fireplace is so nice to have. :icon_smile: And I’ll take the cold over Florida’s tornados any day.

I had to reinstall Windows Vista Ultimate yesterday and this totally messed up my desktop background. I tried every fix in the book to stop the desktop from changing but nothing worked. I finally uninstalled Weather Watcher, rebooted and it was fine. Sigh… anyone else ever see this??? I’m afraid to reinstall it in case it happens again… it was such a hassle…

myminpins, what exactly have you tried so far? What was the dropdown set to in the “Wallpaper” tab of the Weather Watcher Options window?

Hi… I installed it again today, the latest version, and it instantly messed up. It is now permanently uninstalled.

I installed it this time in my other drive partition but it still messed up.

I am a full Admin on this computer and it will NOT run without messing up my desktop background.

The next time you try WW open the Options window, click on the Wallpaper tab, select the Never update option, deselect all other Auto Update options and click Ok. Since you’ve reopened a year old thread I don’t know what version you’re using but hope it’s 5.6.25. If not adjust the instructions accordingly.

myminpins, if you cannot answer my questions, then I will not be able to help you.

What didn’t I answer???

1) What have you done to try to disable the Weather Watcher wallpaper? This question is in reference to “I tried every fix in the book to stop the desktop from changing”.

2) What was the dropdown set to in the “Wallpaper” tab of the Weather Watcher Options window?

I deleted the wallpaper from the files it was put in but it still came back. I didn’t do anything about the tab - and I can’t check it out now because it is uninstalled. Sorry.

myminpins, as long as Weather Watcher is set to display the wallpaper, there is nothing you can do outside of Weather Watcher to prevent that from happening. You really need to setup your Weather Watcher Options.

And the default WW options do not enable the wallpaper function. So the question becomes who changed the WW options on your pc.

WW works even with Windows Vista x64, al least it has been so far :iconbiggrin: