Is there a way to manage my lifetime license on multiple computers?

I am a lifetime license subscriber since 2016.

However, since I subscribed the license, two of my computers broken by accident, I bought two computers more, and two more computers added to my life since I have married and my wife has her own computers. As the result I have four computers now, two laptops and two desktops.

As I remember, lifetime license covered five computers at the same time. So, I believe, using four of my computers is legal. However, one of my computer, in which weather watcher live installed lastly, keeps saying the license time has expired.

Any way to solve this problem? And is there a way to manage my license? I want to deactivate the license activated on the two former broken computers and re-activate on current computers.

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There is no way to manually manage your license. Try re-entering your license key in the “License” section of the Weather Watcher Options window.

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