iPhone Application

Michael Singer,

$20 bucks was sent thru PayPal mike@singerscreations.com just now.

I see people have inquired about a Weather Watcher Mobile Smartphone application for the iPhone.

You stated “So, who wants to donate an iPhone to me?”

Has anybody donated toward the iPhone and/or application beside us?
I see iPhone 3G 16GB listed on the web for less than $200 from reputable dealers.
There has got to be 50 iPhone owners interested enough to donate 4 dollars! 50 x 4 = $200

Let’s get this rolling. Now we only need 45 people to donate $4.00 :cheers:

Thank you!

I actually have not received much feedback since this was originally discussed here. I was thinking I could get an iPod Touch for testing on a device. It looks like I might need a Mac too though:


I was under the impression that I would be able to somehow develop on a Windows box. That doesn’t seem like a possibility without a nasty hack here or there.

Would love to see WWL ported to the ipod touch and iphone 3GS WWL rocks.