Internet browser makes a difference - why?


Thanks for a great program. I am using it on my PPC - Wizard.

I could need some help with the settings of the internet browser. My preferred browser is Netfront - which is set as default. When I start the weather program and do an update, the Netfront browser open up at second window with its own menu. That means I can not use the menu in the weather program.

This is not the case when using Windows Explorer - here there is no problem - the browser stays in the background, and I can use the weathers menu.

I assume it is the settings - but can somebody help??

Weather Watcher uses an embedded IE control to display the weather data. It sounds like there might be a conflict somewhere with your default browser.

Do you have a link to the version of Netfront that you’re using?

Thank you for your fast answer.

The browser I use are the following: … 33_wm.html

Netfront v.3.3