Interface Skins Galore

Here are a bunch of Samurize skins that can also be used with Weather Watcher: … topic=3857

i checked that site out a while ago but found most of their icons to be *.png and WW only accepts *.gif. I used Infranview to convert them and they ended up looking like crap. so most of the really cool ones can’t be used by WW [:(]

I tried the?londave’s “AniWeather” - animated gif’s!?from the site and the animated icons look good in WW.

well if you like those try the collection i made up… i collected the day AND night ones from Meteo Consult… the sameplace the aniweather ones came from… but they were lacking the night images… here the link to the thread on this board about them … PIC_ID=564

[i]Originally posted by ewelin[/i]
well if you like those try the collection i made up.... i collected the day *AND* night ones from Meteo Consult...
Very nice job! They really look sharp -- I'd have to say they're my favorite so far. [:)]

BTW, for IrfanView conversions, I find that the best way to go from 24- or 32-bit images to an 8-bit GIF is to step it down (image menu: “decrease color depth”) before saving.