Installing skins

I can’t seem to figure out how to install skins - I know it seems simple to most of you, but for some reason everything I try doesn’t work. I can’t find the “installer” for the skins when I download them. Can someone please give me some instructions which might help? Thanks.

If the download ends in WWS dbl click on it and WW will install them into the proper folders.

If the download ends in ZIP you will have to manually extract them to the appropiate Windows Profile Weather Watcher skin folder. For XP that would be something like:

C:\Documents and Settings\Ed\Application Data\WeatherWatcher\Skins\Forecasts or Icons or Interface


Thanks - I think I figured out my problem - I am using Weather Watcher Live - evidently skins I have been trying to use are for only for Weather Watcher - not Weather Watcher Live. I will just stick with Splendid and Weather Watcher Live. Appreciate your response.