Install tries to overwrite scrrun.dll

Whenever I update WW, it asks me if I want to overwrite the scrrun.dll file since mine is newer. Of course, I say “No”. Just wanted to bring this to your attention.
My version is Windows XP Pro (SP1)

Peace, love and Monkeemobiles,

The DLLs that are packed with the Weather Watcher setup are for Windows 98, but they will also work on any version of Windows after 98. If you are using Windows XP (as in your case), you will already have some of those DLLs and they will be newer. The setup is asking you if you want to replace your new DLLs with the old ones that the setup is attempting to install. You of course want to choose NO. This is by design and it has to be this way so that the correct DLLs are installed no matter which version of Windows the user has.