Install error

When I try to install I get an error that says:

C:\Documents and Settings\bsmith\Start Menu\Programs\Startup\StickIt Launcher.exe

An error occured while trying to rename a file in the destination directory:
MoveFile failed; code 5.
Access is denied

If I ignore the error and continue the install StickIt will launch, but will not save any notes across reboots.


Are you reinstalling StickIt, or installing it for the first time? If you are reinstalling it, StickIt might be running while you’re tyring to reinstall it. Usually that’s what the “Access is denied” error message is telling you.

Did you download StickIt directly from If not, download and reinstall it from the link below.

There should be a “StickIt Launcher.exe” shortcut in the “Startup” folder of your Windows Start menu. Do you see that shortcut there?

I got the same error message – it was a first installation, and I even uninstalled the program, rebooted and tried reinstalling, but got the same error again. Notes do not reappear after rebooting. This is a problem – that feature was the whole reason I donwloaded this program in the first place. And yes, I did download from the main site and not from another webpage.


Please see the following post:

Here is an updated StickIt setup: