Incorrect miniature map display with new version

I have upgraded to the new " paid for" version-6101 ( and have applied the key ), but now the miniature map inside the WWL window does not display correctly. There is a red x in the window and no map.

. When I go back to a prior free version it displays correctly.

Thank you
Cecil Ram (

Which weather station are you using?

Try manually clearing the cached map data by doing the following:

Thanks for your fast reply. It is strange but when I use other stations the program works correctly; but not Delray Beach Hospital.
I just will use West Palm Airport, Florida ( 15 miles away ) as it works correctly. All my other 6 stations ( Spokane, Atlanta, San Antonio, etc ) work correctly.


I would like to have a link to the forum available on the main page, IE- next to the setting tab.

The Delray Medical Center map loads okay for me. If you clear out your cache (see the link above), I think you will find that it’ll work for you too.

There is a link in the Weather Watcher Live menu. Right-click the main Weather Watcher Live window or system tray icon, and go to Help --> Support Forums.

The program is now working correctly.
I cleared the cache several times to no effect.

However, when I rebooted my computer to install another program just now,
Weather Watcher Live started to work correctly.

Thank you,


Reboots sometimes solve the oddest problems. I’m glad to hear everything is okay now :cool: