Incorrect forecast ?

I’m J. Arts and live in the Netherlands and I’m new to this forum and Weather Watcher live.
I’m going to Italy this summer so I wanted to check out the weather in that region and came upon this.
I’m using Weather Watcher 7.0.77
The city in Italy is Levico Terme
The current conditions seem to be ok but the forecast not so, it gives for example Monday a high temperature of 9 degrees Celsius. (see screenshot)
The rest of the week is also incorrect.
If I go to the Weather Underground website and look for Levico Terme I get 18 degrees Celsius !
Look at ‘Morgen’ which means Tomorrow in Dutch.

Hope you can fix this,
J. Arts

The hourly and daily data is being shown for a location that is about 32 miles away from that weather station. I’ll contact Weather Underground and work with them to resolve the issue. I’ll follow up here when I have more details.

Ok, thanks.

This issue should be resolved now.