Incorrect feels like temps in "Local"

Just downloaded latest version of WWL 7.2.124. The feels like temp on the local page is showing feels like temps way over the actual temp. Ave temp taken at time of screen shot is 9 to 13 C. The error of the feels like showing in F has been addressed in this update. Station I am using is Templeton, Christchurch NZ.

This is not an issue I addressed in the current version of Weather Watcher. It appears Weather Underground is feeding bad data to Weather Watcher. Here’s a screenshot of current temperatures in your area:

Thanks Mike its the feels like or heat index that’s wrong. We are in winter on this side of the globe, with temps in the 9 to 13C range so to have a heat index of 30+C would be nice but impossible! :slight_smile:

Any thoughts of a fix? If you search Christchurch NZ you will see a lot of WU stations are showing unreal feels likes, while others are ok?

I’m not able to fix the data at the source. The best I could do is recalculate the incorrect feels like temperatures. I made a change to do that in this Weather Watcher build: