Incorrect day names in Detail tab


Minor issue: The Detail tab day names are a day behind. Perhaps it is a time zone problem - I am located in New Zealand
The forecast shown as Thursday is actually Friday 14th (verified this as well on

Other screens are OK, eg Daily:

Thanks for this great software.

i 've this problem too, after reboot thats ok

Is this a problem that you experience 100% of the time or does it only seem to occur during certain times of the day (e.g. near midnight)?


I’ve noticed that it is OK in the evenings/night. I’ll try and monitor to see what time it switches.


graefnz, when you said you verified this with above, are you saying that matches Weather Watcher Mobile or is showing the correct days? was showing the correct day names

Here is what I had after updating last night (approx 11pm NZ time) and it was also showing the same before updating this morning:

Then after updating this morning (approx 10:45am NZ time):

Clicking the View Forecast at at the bottom of the details page gave me this:

Some more observations:

I updated today just after 6pm and the detail tab had incorrect day names.

I updated again just after 8pm and the detail tab is now correct.

graefnz, thank you for all of the good information. I’m still looking into this.