Include the local time

It would be useful if the local time of the Active Station. The "time lasted updated is based on the station’s local time not yours. When the station you are looking at is a half dozen time zones away, you may not know the local time there.

I also noticed that the “Daylight Remaining” calculation is erroneously based on your local time not the time of the active station. If you are in New York and looking at Tokyo it shows 12 hours of daylight remaining when it is the middle of the night.

The “Observed” time is the time at the local station. The “Downloaded” time is the local time the data was actually updated on your computer. I’m not sure which time you are referring to though.

Yep – I’ll check it out.

I was just thinking the the actual current time of the station could be displayed perhaps near the station name. For a foreign station were the observations may be infrequent it is hard to know how stale the data is without knowing the actual time at the station.