Inaccurate temp

Hi, I’m using v5.6.27 and it’s got the current temperature way wrong, and has been wrong for the last few hours. We’re having record heat here in the Bay area, currently 99 according to several sources I checked like And it feels like it outside. But WW thinks it’s only 82. Whoops, now 81. I’ve tried setting Active City both by city (Palo Alto) and zip code – same result. It’s off by nearly 20 degrees. What might the problem be?

Perhaps a problem at the source? TWC is reporting 80°F at that location right now.

Here’s what Weather Watcher Live is reporting:

Thanks, Mike; that must be it. The San Jose Mercury News website is currently reporting 93 – not sure what their source is. Heck of a day for sources to be wrong – records are being set here!