I'm new & have some questions, not on faq or in manual

I am using the zararadio. I have it installed and well it says i’m on the air, and I have an audio playlist playing. Ok so my questions are… How do I know if i’m really broadcasting? Where am I broadcasting to? Who’s listening, if anybody? How do I know or how do I setup something to show that or allow someone to listen?
The closest thing I found even close to this was some extremely limited info. on a satellite, which maybe i’m misunderstanding but it doesn’t seem to really do much, or if it does I don’t know what.
I am fairly computer literate so I just need some basic info. to get me pointed in the right direction. Thank you in advance.

cesahoyt, you should try looking for help at http://www.zararadio.com. I’m not sure that anyone here uses that software.


Yeah thanks, I went to the site, but it didn’t have much info. at all regarding these questions. I’m probably gonna have to look for something else since there’s no real info. on this. Thanks though.