IE8 Current Condition Bug

Windows update finally prompted me to update to IE8 yesterday. There are some slight layout problems with Weather Watcher now. Only the current conditions page seems to be affected:

That odd line appears under the barometer and part of some of the lines dividing the hourly weather conditions disappear.

If you make the forecast window wider does the problem get better or worst?

Didn’t even think of trying that. Stretching out the window a little bit both ways got rid of both of the problems :thumbright:

Happy to hear that solved the problem. :icon_smile:

Not sure why IE8 would require such an adjustment though.

Awakened, Weather Watcher uses Internet Explorer to render the weather data in its main window. IE8 renders HTML differently, so I’ll need to make some adjustments to the interface for the next Weather Watcher release. For now, resizing the window is a good workaround.