icon to launch weather watcher

I love Weather Watcher but not the icon to launch it. I’ve tried replacing it or creating a shortcut with a different icon. No luck.

I am having difficulty getting custom icons to appear as they should. Here is what I am trying to do and what is happening.

I want to replace the standard icon for Weather Watcher on my Today screen in an Ultimate Launch tab. Currently it is a little fat guy and I want some weather related symbol. So, I downloaded a few weather icons to my PC, edited them to 32 x 32 in Irfanview, saved them as .ico files (I also tried .png files), and e-mailed these to my phone where I saved them on my storage card.

Then, I went into Ultimate Launch, added Weather Watcher to a tab, and tried to set the icon to the newly saved icon. Instead of the properly saved icon appearing, once it got to the phone, the icon that actually appeared was the red Opera logo.

I then tried in Total Commander to change the icon association to Weather Watcher and to delete the icons and start again that way, but now all new downloaded icons appear as the fat little man icon which I was trying to replace. The same thing occurs when I try to create a shortcut to Weather Watcher.

How do I get my icons to appear correctly and not associate with Weather Watcher or Opera?
Is there some software for this, a setting I missed, or something else?

Sorry for the long post. I”m a newbie.

OS: WM 6.1
Device: Samsung Omnia i910 (Verizon)