Icon sets for download -

I have spent some time creating various Icon sets for WWL. I have only tested these on Windows7 using the latest WWL program and they work fine.

To install, unzip into following location - (you may have to enable show hidden files and folders)
c:\users\ \ appdata\roaming\weatherwatcherlive\skins\icons

Once you have them installed, select your options for WLL and then the new Icon set you want to use. then exit, shutdown and open back up WWL and they should be showing up.

Animated Icon Skin

Bubbles Icon Skin

Photo Real Icon Skin

Colorful Icon Skin

Pictures Icon Skin

These are awesome! Thank you very much. :slight_smile:


Your welcome! :icon_smile:

these are fantastic icons, thanks for your work in putting them together. =D>

are there any clever sods out there who can build skins for the main user interface? we only have 2 at the moment and i think more main ui skins would be superb. being able to change skins and icons on apps makes them so much more fun to use don’t you agree? :icon_smile:

I cannot get dd-animated,dd-bubbles to work with the latest version of WWL.

saxman, those sets load okay for me. I noticed they are missing some images, so they’ll need to be updated before Weather Watcher Live will properly display all of the icons.

I’m not sure what exactly isn’t working for you. Please do share some more detailed information.

Mike --dd-animated does not animate,

There is no animation in any of the icon sets. I just called it that…

I downloaded the DD Animated & placed it where you said to. It shows up as tray icons, but as forecast icons they are missing. Any idea why? I then downloaded DD Bubble & placed in the same location. These icons work for both tray & forecast icons. I await you help. :sad:

Just an update. Turned on computer today tried using animated icons & they work now in both tray & forecast as icons, so disregard my earlier post. :razz: