Icon in tray not displaying...

Just a quick question, hope you can help…

I just switched from using the KERIO firewall & your product worked very well (kudos)

I’m now using the free ZONE ALARM firewall. Problem is your product installs well but once it starts, it disapears from the Tray (bottom right part of the screen). I check to see if it’s running but it is not displayed in the try at all. I’ve tried everything but just can’t get it to display. Do you know what could be causing this? Remember…It worked with KERIO but not with ZONEALARM!?

will1948, try reinstalling Weather Watcher from a fresh download. You can download a new copy from the links at the top of http://www.SingersCreations.com. Make sure you download the setup that’s labeled “Full Setup”.

If the version in question will1948 is the 5.6 beta 8, I don’t have the tray icon either. In fact the only place that the new WW beta shows up is the Task Manager.

This is after using the 5.6 beta 8 Upgrade over a 5.6 b7 install.

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Downloaded the Full Setup version and installed that with the same results.

Restored ww.exe from 5.6 b7 and WW seems to be ok again.

I'm one step closer to the final Weather Watcher 5.6 final release.
Unfortunately, it appears to be a step backwards. [:(]

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I also have no tray icon even after doing a full install of 5.6 Beta 8.


There was a problem with a missing registry entry, due to the new dropdow that I added to the bottom of the “Tray Icon” Options. I patched the problem and reuploaded the setup files. Once again, download a new setup and reinstall Weather Watcher to fix the problem.

After reinstalling 5.6 Beta 8 all appears OK. I have the tray icon now. Thank you.

I redownloaded the Update and installed it and the problem does appear to be resolved. [:)]

I really like the new Skins>Tray Icon option. A really nice addition that would top it off would be a preview box of all the selected mini Tray icons below the selection. Or at least the major ones; sun, clouds, rain, snow. It could also be used to display a mini version of the Forecast icons selection. [}:)][:)]

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