Icon changing on alert and show in window

Hi Mike,

Let me start by saying thanks for creating such great weather programs and utilities. I just upgraded to a new laptop with Vista and living in Florida (just hit with Tropical Storm Fay) wanted to make sure I had a reliable weather program running that could alert me of severe weather warning.

I have been testing both your Weather Watcher and Weather Watcher Live programs. I like them both (and almost wish I could merge some features of each together).

Here are a few suggestions I have:

1 - As others have mentioned I really wish some how the weather icon would flash or change colors when there is a severe weather alert. The balloon is helpful but sometimes it seems to close or fade away before I see it. I used to use weather bug and it would flash in the system tray to let you know of an alert. This can’t be missed. I am using the sound feature but didn’t want to keep the sound playing till I acknowledged it because if it happens at night it might drive others in the house crazy. I noticed earlier that your weather watcher alerts changes the icon color when an alert arrives like I was hoping WWL or WW would.

2 - I like the way the weather alerts open in a tabbed window in Weather Watcher rather than jumping to a a webpage like they do in WWL (however I agree the all caps format is very hard to read).

3 - I noticed that most of the maps in WWL do not open in the Map Viewer window but instead take you to the weather bug site instead although I did not check the box for them to open in my browser so I’m not sure why that is.

Not trying to be picky but I have been testing just about all the programs I have found and read lots of reviews the past week or two. Your program is definitely one of the best so keep up the good work! :thumbright:

All the best,