I loose contacts after a reboot

Hi Mike
I uninstalled stickit and reinstalled the program on all three computers eveything is working as it should except the sound I still cant get stickit to play a sound when sent note is received or the tray alert want show when a sent note was received.

Did you previously add contacts to the StickIt Contacts window using the Add button? If you use the Add button to add a contact right now, does the added contact show up when you close and reopen the StickIt Contacts window?

You can manually setup a sound by doing the following:

1) Right-click the StickIt system tray icon and choose Options… to open the StickIt Options window.

2) Click the Sounds tab in the StickIt Options window.

3) Select Note received from the Events dropdown box.

4) Click the Browse… button and assign a WAV file. If you need to download sounds, then go to www.google.com and search for “free wav”.

5) Click the OK button to save your changes and close the StickIt Options window.

yes when I click to add contacts it add the IP’s to the contact list but I just tried to reboot, I have to launch stickit and the tray icon will come up and all contacts are gone. As I said before I can get the one’s on my network by choosing to add then browse and it finds both IP’s on the network but the IP for my friend want come back ?

As for the sound I had already add the sound through the sound tab I choose one to play when I send a note (it works) I choose one to play when I receive a note (It dont work) I clicked to apply on each am not sure why it doesn’t play when I receive a note.

What happens if you just close and restart StickIt without rebooting? Does your StickIt Contacts list still clear itself then?

If you open the Sounds section of the StickIt Options window now, are both sounds still setup? Do the sounds play if you click the play button?

UPDATE: After reviewing the StickIt code, I noticed the description on the sounds is a bit vague. That sound is supposed to play when you send someone else a note and they receive it – rather than playing when you receive notes from other StickIt users. I’ll update the wording and add a sound event for incoming notes. Keep an eye on this thread for a link to the new StickIt build.

yes if I close stickit and reopen sticket the contacts are gone.

and the sound problem yes if I click to play the sound they both play.

I have a question under the options the general tab the box to start when windows starts is grayed out and will not let me put a ck mark in the box to start when windows starts

That box will be grayed out if StickIt does not have access to write to the following section of the Windows registry:


StickIt stores its settings in the registry key below. It seems like StickIt does not have access to write to that section of the Windows registry. Are you running any applications and/or have some type of security setup that would prevent StickIt from writing to the Windows registry?

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\VB and VBA Program Settings\StickIt

Hi Mike

I have uninstalled and reinstalled the stickit program on all three computers, everything is working as it should except the sound,I cant get stickit to play a sound when a sent note has been received nor it will it show on the tray icon that a sent note has been received. I have choose a sound from my media folder in windows? Do I need to use another type of file ?