I found a bug

I have version 5.6.16. Everytime I try to delete IE 6 history when W.W. is running in the task bar W.W. blockes it. I will check my history after I delete it and it will be gone but then when I restart my browser and check my history the old history is still listed. I have to exit W.W. from the task bar before I can delete my history for good. I don’t have this problem with any other programs that are in my task bar. Does anyone else have this problem? Will this be fixed in the next major release?

This is actually a bug in IE. For some reason, IE does not allow you to clear the history when more than one IE window is open. Weather Watcher uses a built-in IE control, so you have a minimum of two IE windows open if you’re attempting to clear the history from IE.

Sounds like a PBP. :iconbiggrin:

So when you want to hide your tracks simply shutdown WW, clear IE’s history, close down IE then restart WW.


Close IE, leave WW up, open Windows’ Control Panel, go to Network and Internet Connections, click on Internet Options then click on Clear History and Ok. (You might consider making the Internet Options a shortcut on the desktop.)

Of course there are the questions of what are you trying to hide and from whom. :razz: :lol: