I don't think so.

Do you really think the temp is going to go up almost 20 degrees in the next 15 minutes?


The current temp is WRONG!!! It’s beautiful out.

Are you trying to say there is a bug in Weather Watcher? I’m confused as to why you posted this in the support section :???:

Absolutely. The current temp is clearly wrong!

And yes, yes I know, you’re going to say it’s because the weather.com data was wrong. Well duh!! But WW is suppose to be smarter than the average weather source, and presents the data better than any other app. So does it seem unreasonable to ask that WW evalutate the data it is going to present and make adjustments to it so the end user sees accurate info? Is that too much to ask?? All we want is for our two little digits to be reasonably accurate.



What is that… the AI feature request? :iconbiggrin:

Actually WW has AI and it was accurately forecasted extreme rise in temperature.
Most likely your top monkey, sorry Bush-man, offended somebody (what?s new) and US of A was threatened with a nice A-mushroom? And that can get hot?