I broke it!!!!

WW is looping and I can’t stop it from looping!! :shock:


Running WW 5.6.13A and Win XP SP2 Home.

Things I’ve tried:

Manually clicked on the Update button.
Stopped and restarted WW.
Stopped 5.6.13A and started 5.6.10.
Switched Interface and Forecast skins.
Switched cities.

None have gotten rid of the stuck update bar.

However, when restarting WW the download time in the Tooltip indicates a current Download time.

:-s :scratch: :shaking:


Found that WW doesn’t like comments in it’s wtp LOOPs. Who knew? :-s

This should be an easy fix. I’ll take a look.

EdP, I tried adding a comment, but I did not run into an infinite loop :???:

Try something like this:[code]


This loops for me and I just shut WW down because of it. I’ll email it to you to play with.

EdP, as I said in my e-mail to you, the loop is being caused because you’re using a Weather Watcher template code in your comment. You can use any templates codes that fall within the “[TEMPLATE]” and “[/TEMPLATE]” though.

So, how does one comment out a Weather Watcher template code? :-s

Do you mean I can comment out any of the template codes other than the LOOP and TEMPLATE ones?