Humidity values.

When using Splendid 3 skin with WU the humidity values stay all the same, the min-now-max readings do not seem to work. This being on local NZ settings.

The problem is that the min/max data is not included in the data feed used by Weather Watcher Live. I do have a way to fetch that data, but it needs to be pulled in from a separate URL.

It be cool if it could be done.

Yep. I’ll see what I can do.

The humidity min/max has been fixed in this build:

I am having this issue with build 7.2.225.

Splendid3 skin shows all 3 values as the same and the export data shows N/A.

Please post a screenshot so I can see what you’re describing.

Here in the main window always shows the current humidity value for both high and low:

The Monthly Observations window shows highs and lows for humidity on each day.

In the Data Export, it just shows ‘N/A’ or the values. I’m using [HUMIDITY HIGH] and [HUMIDITY LOW] in my template.

The Data Export and Data Log also does this for [RAIN MONTH] and [RAIN YEAR].

The application seems to do this for all skins.