Humidity readings Splendid 3 skin.

When using Splendid 3 skin with WU the humidity values stay all the same, the min-now-max readings do not seem to work. This being on local NZ settings.

Just to add Weather Bug settings do work for humidity!

The problem is that the min/max data is not included in the data feed used by Weather Watcher Live. I do have a way to fetch that data, but it needs to be pulled in from a separate URL.

The humidity min/max has been fixed in this build:

I’ve been following this thread as I too use Splendid 3 with the same problem on Min Now and Max humidity. Will the new build also work for me or it just for Brykari?

It’ll work for you too. These changes will also be included in the next Weather Watcher public release.

Then it was ok for me to download and install it, but . . . I see no change. All the humidity readings are still constant. I’ve never seen a change, all three always show the current level. I must be missing something or doing something wrong. The graph is there with the 3 levels, but they’re always identical.

Chunker, which weather station are you using right now?

I’m using Fargo ND Airport. Here’s a screenshot of my screen including map. As you can see I managed to get the map to show Fargo almost dead center. I tried Splendid 4 but the map is terrible on that one and can’t be adjusted like the map on Splendid 3. Also the Fargo Airport gives me the best readings as far as temperatures go.

Chunker, I had to tweak the code a bit so it would work for NWS stations too. Try this build:

That build works like a charm for me Mike. For the first time I see different Min/Now/Max humidity readings. So glad I mentioned it and once again, “Thanks for your help!”