HOW TO: Uninstall StickIt

Follow these steps to uninstall StickIt:

Step 1:
Make sure StickIt is not running. Select “Exit” from the StickIt system tray icon menu to shut down StickIt.

If StickIt is running, but you cannot see the StickIt system tray icon, then end the “StickIt3.exe” process in the Windows Task Manager. You can access the Windows Task Manager by pressing ALT+CTRL+DEL.

Step 2:
Once StickIt has been closed, run the uinstall program from the “Add/Remove” section of the Windows Control Panel, or from the “StickIt” folder in your Windows Start menu.

Step 3:
When you run StickIt, it creates some files that contain your user settings. Since the uninstaller does not know those files exists, it will not remove them. You can manually remove them by deleting the “C:\Program Files\StickIt” folder, or the folder where you installed StickIt.