How To: Print forecasts

Since the forecasts are displayed within an instance of Internet Explorer, you can access the Internet Explorer menu by right-clicking anywhere on the forecast area in Weather Watcher. To print a forecast, right-click anywhere in the forecast area and choose “Print” from the dropdown menu.

When I open Weather Watcher in Hourly mode and try to print, I get only a portion of the forecast sent to my printer. This happens even when I “Select All” and print “Selected” text. How can I print the entire Hourly forecast?

phbair, when printing the forecasts, the local webpage is going to be printed, rather than what is actually selected. Since the data is stored in a local webpage, your printer is going to print the data using Internet Explorer.

Considering that the latest version of Weather Watcher no longer offers the “Print” feature in the right-click menu, the best way to print the forecast is by manually opening the .HTML files in your selected skin forecast folder. If you’re using the Splendid forecast skin, then you’ll find your data in the following folder:

C:\Program Files\Weather Watcher\Skins\Forecasts\Splendid

Open the above folder and double-click the .HTML files to open them in your default web browser. From there, you should be able to access all of the print options. You might have to change some printer-related settings in order for all of the data to print correctly.

Holy cow!!! You replaced the WW print option with this??? It’s about as inconvenient and convoluted as possible. Strongly suggest you reconsider adding the Print option back.

The old menu was the actual IE right-click menu. There are probably ways to access those IE options outside of that default meny – I need to explore that some more. It’s not on the top of my to-do list because there are other ways to access those local web pages.

Moreover, it doesn’t work any better. After double clicking on the HTML file “Hourly,” it does open in my browser. However, using Print or Print Selected, I still get only that portion of the forecast that’s visible without scrolling down. Nothing prints that would require scrolling in order to view.

phbair, can you post a screenshot? I’m not sure what you’re seeing, so I don’t know what to recommend :neutral:

At the very least this FAQ should be rewritten since it no longer applies to how things work.