How To: Prevent Splendid options from resetting

The Splendid interface options are saved in Internet Explorer cookies. In order to prevent the options from being reset, make sure Internet Explorer and any other add-on applications are not deleting your cookies.

I seem to recall someone having a similar problem awhile ago, I don’t remember the specifics though. But the solution was to enable cookies to be updated, setup WW’s Splendid options to be what was desired, then reenable cookie blocking again. I think it was an IE setting.

Personally I could care less about a bunch of little text files on my pc, and that’s all a cookie is. If wants to track my web travels let them, I have software to block popups. :iconbiggrin: And I don’t surf porn sites and etc so…

I’ve been, I think, over all the IE settings re cookies that I can find and still the Splendid thermometer keeps defaulting fro “multicolored” back to normal. Running 5.5.14d on Windows XP machine. Any more specifics on what to do would be appreciated.

Did you try just not deleting the IE cookies all together?

And have you tried deleting the cookies that currently exist for WW. :wink:

Look for the ones that are in the format:

Install locationWeather_Watcher_Skins_Forecastsskin name.txt

For example:

C_Program Files_Weather_Watcher_Skins_Forecasts_Splendid_[2].txt

They’re in the C:\Document and Settings[i]user id[/i]\Cookies folder.

Thanks for the info. I finally found that your solutions worked. All is well again!