How to enter code ski center?

I would like to add the code of a ski resort in the Weather Watcher live program, which is not in its memory.

If for a city, (for example, Paris) and i would add the FRXX0076 code, for a center of sky (for example, Val Thorens), i have to introduce 602:11?

It is ok?

If not, how to do?

Thanks in advanced.

I think FRXX0076 is the code for Paris, France. It doesn’t appear to be the id of a specific weather station.

Do the following in Weather Watcher Live to find all available weather stations in Paris, France:

1) Open the Weather Watcher Live Options window.

2) Go to the “Stations” section of the Weather Watcher Live Options window.

3) Click the “Add Station…” button.

4) Search for “Paris, France” in the weather station search window.