How To: Disable wallpaper

To disable the wallpaper in Weather Watcher 5.6+:

  1. Select “Never auto update” from the dropdown box in the “Wallpaper” Weather Watcher Options.

  2. Uncheck all of the checkboxes in the “Wallpaper” Weather Watcher Options.

  3. Manually reset your wallpaper by right-clicking an empty area on your desktop, choosing “Properties” from the dropdown menu, and changing the wallpaper image from the “Desktop” tab.

Wallpaper keeps coming back

I have taken the steps you suggest but the wallpaper keeps coming back on the next update.
Any solution?


sector, which version of Weather Watcher are you using? Please post a picture of the “Wallpaper” section of your Weather Watcher Options window.

I just downloaded WW last night from CNET. I followed the instruction for removing the wallpaper per your FAQ’s. Did not work! I tried to uninstall the entire program and was unable to turn WW off. Not real happy

jayscrivener, are you saying that Weather Weather continued to change your wallpaper? I’d be happy to help if you can give me some detailed information.

As for not being able to shut down Weather Watcher, the following threads will help you solve that problem:

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