How to choose the map shown on main window?

WWL 7.0.23

I hesitated to ask this question because I feel like an idiot…

I could have sworn I chose the map shown on the main window at some point. Now, under Settings, the only option is the “Map Image Link”, which controls what loads in my web browser when the map is clicked.

I see no option to choose the map itself. I have a mind like a sieve, but I could have sworn I selected the map shown here at some point.

So, how does one change this map? Or is the map that is shown chosen automatically, and I’ve completely lost my mind thinking otherwise?

That’s the correct place. After you change the “Map Image Link”, click the “OK” button to close the skin settings window and click “UPDATE” to retrieve the weather and refresh the map image. If the map image does not refresh, then there might be an issue with the link you used. If that’s the case, then post your link here and I’ll try it out.

Yeah but the weird thing is that my “Map Image Link” setting is blank, yet it still displays an image. I’m assuming that WWL just displays some default map if none is manually entered, and the one that it defaults to with the “Concord Regional Airport” station is coincidentally the one I manually set it to some time ago…

That’s correct.