How To: Add new Favorite Maps

The MAPS button on the main Weather Watcher Live window automatically populates your map list with the available maps for your selected weather station. The Weather Watcher Live Map Manager contains hundreds of additional maps that can be selected as favorite maps to display in your map list. These favorite maps will stay in your map list as you switch to other weather stations.

In my screenshot below, you can see that I have added maps that are accessible from the World map category.

To access the Map Manager, right-click the Weather Watcher Live system tray icon and choose Map Manager. Once in the Map Manager, select your favorite maps by checking the boxes to the left of the desired map names.

Click the Add… button to add a new map to the Map Manager map list. Select or enter the Map Category and Map Name. The Map Link box should contain the URL to the map image.

When you’re done, click the OK button in the lower, right corner of the Map Manager window to save your changes and close the Map Manager window. At this point, you should see your changes in the map list.

Note: The map list can also be accessed from the Maps menu item in your Weather Watcher Live system tray menu.

Is there a way I can change the map that appears by default on the “NOW” screen? The default map for my area stinks and I’d like to replace it with one from one of the local TV channel websites that’s better centered on my city.

wwarren, there is not an option to change the map. However, you could manually modify the Splendid skin template – if you know HTML and JavaScript.


Is this something that could be added as a setting to the program? It would really be great if it is possible.

Boofo, I’ll see what I can do.

Thanks, Mike, That would be great!

Mike, In your instructions you say to “The Map Link box should contain the URL to the map image”. How do I know what that URL is.

quiltsnhosta, the URL is just the link to the map image. To find a map image’s URL, right-click the map image on the website where the map is located and choose “Properties” from the right-click menu.

Thanks Mike, will give that a try.

Any luck on this at all, yet, Mike?

Boofo, I’m hoping to roll this feature out next month.

Great! Looking forward to it, sir. Please let me know if you need any testing done.

Just checking back to see if anything is happening on this, Mike. :wink:

Boofo, nothing yet. I’m trying to climb out of the dark hole of busyness…

Just reviving the thread to see if anything has moved forward on this. :wink:

Boofo, not yet. After Splendid2 has been released i[/i], I’m going to add that feature to the Splendid2 skin.

Great! Looking forward to it. If you need any beta testing done first, you know where I am. :wink: